WGCPL is a associate concern of well renowned ASTRON Group, a group leader in technology, products, technical assistance and design.

At Astron Group under the brand of "Astron Zircon" we are manufacturing Zirconium Silicate glaze Opacifier. Zirconium silicate produced by milling the natural zircon sand, is widely used as an Opacifier for: • Sanitary ware, pottery, porcelain glazes • Wall tiles, roofing tiles, electrical porcelain • Frit for glaze and enamels • Admixture for Glass, Opal glass, TV tubes • Zircon bricks, special refractories, castable refractories • Epoxy Resin, special paints, etc.

Also we are manufacturing Zinc Oxide Powder under the brand name "Astron Zinc". Our Zinc products are widely used in Ceramic Industries, Rubber Industries, Pharmaceutical, Paints, Dying, Agriculture, etc.

We are also manufacturing Glass Bottles for Liquor industries, soft drink bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, dairy bottles, Cosmetics & Perfumery Bottles at "Sunrise Glass".

In 1996, with the aim of marketing and producing frits and glazes Welsuit Glass & Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. (WGCPL) established in Vadodara ( Gujarat, India) . A rising star as a ceramic glaze industry Welsuit Glass & Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. has become a large-scale modern enterprise ranging from production, Raw materials purchasing, R&D laboratory, marketing, global importing and exporting - for the development of the driving force to the research and development of new products, the production and marketing of products based products, service assurance, to build strong global market channels chain, and strive to build global brands.

Welsuit Glass & Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. has a professional R & D team, R & D lab based in at work premises, this team has more than twenty years of experience in glaze product development, new product development and innovation has always been to meet the market customer demand for the purpose. A guarantee of quality and stability, the company introduced a world-class manufacturing and testing equipment, strict testing and quality of raw materials, checks at each level, to ensure the high quality of our products and the strong stability, the stability of the market share is based on expanding the provision of a guarantee.

Nowadays we have grown to consolidate in the most important ceramic markets worldwide, positioning us among the top companies in the world in manufacturing ceramic glaze frits.