We are growing to the priority to serve quality products, various stringent quality tests are conducted under the supervision of qualified Quality Control executives. Moreover, the quality control lab is also equipped with advanced tools and equipments that help in maintaining national as well as international quality standards in the products offered. We believe that quality produced at the output end is mainly controlled by the quality of input raw materials.

Our products are manufactured from selected High purity grade Minerals & Chemicals. All raw materials are carefully tested on receipt to ensure compliance with the specifications laid down by us. Some critical raw materials are imported to ensure strict adherence to quality. Quality control is maintained all over the production process at different stages were ever possible. The product goes through various tests before it is dispatched to our customers.

WGCPL is established with very large production area, using natural Gas as primary Clean fuel which helps to produce high quality production without any fuel impurities and having great space for storage of raw materials and Stainless Steel Storage silos for finished goods storage. Nowadays we have grown to consolidate in the most important ceramic markets worldwide, positioning us among the top companies in the world in manufacturing ceramic glaze frits.